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2022 Community Check in

Created by Denver, for Denver, we integrate the community in every aspect of our work. Tell us where our funding can be most impactful.

2022 Community Check-In

In 2022, Caring for Denver conducted a city-wide engagement effort—a Community Check-In—comprised of targeted conversations with community members and a broad-reaching survey.

We are deeply grateful for all of the community organizations who shared their time, space, and communities with us and to Denver for trusting us with their experiences. We are honored to work with you and committed to continuing the conversation.

Our 2022 Community Check-In Report summarizes community members’ views on Caring for Denver’s work, and their experiences of Denver’s mental health and substance misuse challenges. Download it here:

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A more detailed version of what we learned is available in the 2022 Community Check In Supplement.

Our Process

We integrate the community in every aspect of our work, from creating our funding priorities, to reviewing applications, to defining our success.


Infographic shows how community members are at the center of everything we do. They direct how we evolve and adapt: 1) Shape our funding priorities; 2) Help us identify gaps in funding, resources, and connections; and 3) Keep our work relevant to emerging issues. They shape our calls for proposals: 1) Share experiences to inform what we're asking from organizations; and 2) Provide input on applications. They define our desired outcomes: 1) Provide community context to make meaningful change; and 2) Help us interpret progress, results, and success measures.

As outlined by our ordinance, we have a regular “check in” every three years to seek community guidance more broadly. It’s an opportunity for us to share what we’ve learned, check in with what resonates, and adapt to Denver’s changing needs. This ensures that everyone in Denver has the opportunity to see themselves in our work to promote healing and recovery.