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We seek to prevent people with substance misuse and mental health conditions from unnecessarily interacting with the criminal legal system. And for those who have, to support their recovery with access to a wide range of community support to prevent re-entry.

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“The fact that you…give us width for experimenting and innovation and understand it won’t always work out perfectly is great. Keep giving us that width, and we’ll produce exceptional results.”


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Grantee Spotlight: Servicios de la Raza

Servicios provides culturally responsive behavioral health treatment and intervention services to Denverites before, during, and after criminal legal system involvement. The program uses trauma-informed care, peer support, case management, and additional supports for employment, housing, and linkages to community recovery resources.


of clients who received outpatient behavioral treatment remained in the community at 180 days

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Grantee Spotlight: Tribe Recovery Homes

Tribe Recovery Homes provides substance misuse recovery support to individuals with criminal legal system involvement through structured, supervised living spaces, peer coaching, clinical counseling, and employment support. For those testing positive for substance misuse, social detox and re-entry into recovery homes are offered without shame or belittling the relapse.


of clients received mental health and substance misuse supports onsite through peer navigators and clinical therapists.

“We know that relapse may be a part of someone’s recovery. In a sense it is like learning to ride a bike. Sometimes you fall down.”

-Tribe Recovery Homes

Sharing back what we’ve learned

We’re committed to learning both as a measure of progress and to guide our future actions. Learning briefs share back grantee progress and how grantees help us think about our work differently.

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From grant opportunities to community listening sessions to sharing your stories of impact, let’s find a way to collaborate.

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