Promote the power of community.

Denver spoke. We listened. We must use community knowledge, strengths, and resources to foster local connectedness and support.

Increase access to local care support.

Transportation, wait times, and traditional work hours keep people from getting the support they need when they need it. Supports need to show up in places and spaces that communities already know, visit, and trust.

Promote and utilize community assets.

There aren’t enough responses to mental health and substance misuse designed by and for the community. To meet people where they are, we must partner with communities and support efforts that are already working as well as new, innovative, and nontraditional solutions.

Increase trusted community.

There’s a strong link between isolation and mental health and substance misuse. We need to understand and address what communities are going through by giving them space, language, mentoring, and peer opportunities to support each other.

Community-Centered Solutions Grants

Grants in our Community-Centered Solutions priority area promote innovative community-based mental health, and substance misuse supports that prioritize access, cultural relevance, and community collaboration. We partner with organizations that are either led by persons with lived experience or by members of the community the organization serves.

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Community-Centered Solutions
Learning Brief

Caring For Denver Foundation is committed to learning both as a measure of progress and to guide our future actions. Deeply listening to our grantees and their expertise is part of this commitment. Learning Briefs share back what we’ve learned and how grantees are helping us think about our work differently.

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