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We support trusted community organizations and partnerships that prioritize access, cultural relevance, and connections. We also support providers, caregivers, and peers with resources and training to take care of themselves and meet community needs.

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“We are creating different ways for people to experience wellness and have the support and interaction they need. It’s about balancing the counseling component with something that is more dynamic, like art or skating.”

– D3 Arts

Classroom setting with adults painting at long tables, and an instructor walking around. All are wearing face masks.

Grantee Spotlight: Colorado Artists in Recovery (CAIR)

CAIR offers multi-week peerled creativity workshops including art, music, and other creative activities for people seeking recovery. They encourage participants to find a classmate to reach out to and build connections for support during and after the workshops. Participants also share ongoing creative work and events on a private Facebook page, staying connected to a larger community of support. CAIR uses post-class surveys to assess connections


of participants reported the workshops helped them feel more confident reaching out to others for recovery support.

Two black women sitting across the table from each other, with masks on.

Grantee Spotlight: Center for African American Health

Center for African American Health is partnering with the Therapist of Color Collaborative to provide clinical therapeutic supports to persons of color by therapists of color. They track referrals and dates of service, and use intake assessments to better understand those they serve.


of participants had never received behavioral or mental health services prior.

“We all have our own mini circles, communities, worlds…When your community is behind your choice it’s more likely to stick.”

– Community Member

Sharing back what we’ve learned

We’re committed to learning both as a measure of progress and to guide our future actions. Learning briefs share back grantee progress and how grantees help us think about our work differently.

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From grant opportunities to community listening sessions to sharing your stories of impact, let’s find a way to collaborate.

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