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Grant Resources

Whether you are applying for a grant or are a current grantee, here are some resources to help you along the way.

Application Resources

Caring for Denver Foundation’s Grant Request: Requested Documents (video and slides)

View on YouTube here.

Download slides PDF here.

Join Tish Gonzales, Caring for Denver’s grants and operations manager, to learn about the documents that Caring for Denver Foundation requests as part of your grant application.

Application – Word Template

Download here.

Caring for Denver Foundation provides a Word template so applicants can see all questions easily; it can also be used as a tool to compose your responses, then copy and paste responses into the application questions the Grants Portal. Allow plenty of time to transfer this information to the Grants Portal prior to the due date for the current Call for Proposals.

We update our application from time to time as we receive feedback, so make sure to check our website for the most recent version before you respond to any future Calls for Proposals.

Application Documents

We may provide or request particular document uploads during the grant application process. Links to the current versions of these documents are here. 

Line-Item Budget Form

Download template here.

We require applicants to submit a Line-Item Budget using our template.  Download the required Line-Item Budget Form template above, update with your figures, save, then upload your file in your application in the Grants Portal.


Budget Narrative Form

Download template here.

We require applicants to submit a Budget Narrative Form using our template. Download the required Budget Narrative Form template above, update with your details and figures, save, then upload your file with your application in the Grants Portal.


Grantee Resources

Organizations with approved Caring for Denver Foundation grants will find these resources useful.

Communicating Your Grant

View guidelines here.

Caring for Denver Foundation is honored to work with grantees and be associated with the great work serving our community. Because the funds fueling this work are public, we have a high level of accountability to the community to communicate about the programs and projects receiving grant support from us. We believe the impact of our collective work is elevated through effective and consistent communications about the programs, projects and organizations that receive grant support. We offer the following guidelines to assist you in communicating your grant.

Statement of Grant Expenditures Template

Download template here.

This form is to be submitted with End of Grant Year Reports in the Grants Portal.

Evaluation Touchpoints

Download document here.

The Evaluation Touchpoints document explains our evaluation and learning requirements, with links to resources so grantees know what is expected each year.