We request applicants submit electronic grant applications through our Grants Portal. Here are some resources to help you on your way.

Application Resources

Current Call for Proposals

Download here.

Our current (or most recent) Call for Proposals can be downloaded here. Please refer to the dates listed in the document for registration and application deadlines, as well as the timeline for award notifications.


Facebook Live Event – Youth (video)

We hosted a Facebook Live event to provide an overview of our Youth funding opportunity and answer questions from the community.

If you have a Facebook account, a recording can be viewed on Facebook.

If you do not have a Facebook account, a recording can be viewed on YouTube.


How to Apply for Caring for Denver Foundation Funding (video)

View on YouTube here.

Join Director of Grants Leah Spielberg as she discusses how to apply for funding include what we will and will not fund, the process for applying, and commonly asked questions.


Caring for Denver Foundation’s Grant Request: Requested Documents (video and slides)

View on YouTube here.

Download slides PDF here.

Join Director of Grants Leah Spielberg as she discusses documents that Caring for Denver Foundation may request in the initial grant application or at some point during the grant review process.


Application – Word Template

Download here.

This Word template is provided to grantees who wish to use it as a tool to compose their responses then copy and paste responses into the application questions the Grants Portal.

Caring for Denver may contact you with additional questions and document requests during the review process. This Word template provides a preview of potential additional questions and documents.

We will update our application from time to time as we receive feedback, so please make sure to check this page for the most recent version before you respond to any future Calls for Proposals.


Application Documents

We may provide or request particular document uploads during the grant application process. Links to the current versions of these documents are here. 

Line-Item Budget Form

Download here.

We require applicants to submit a Line-Item Budget using our template.  Download the required Line-Item Budget Form template above, update with your figures, save, then upload your file in the your application in the Grants Portal.


Budget Narrative Sample

Download here.

We require applicants to submit a budget narrative. This document (3-page maximum) should include explanations of each line item you have included in your Line-Item Budget Form. Please provide a brief justification for each line item included in your budget.  Refer to the above budget narrative sample for an idea of what we are seeking.


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