Communicating Your Grant 

Caring for Denver Foundation is honored to work with grantees and be associated with the great work serving our community. Because the funds fueling this work are public, we have a high level of accountability to the community to communicate about the programs and projects receiving grant support from us. We believe the impact of our collective work is elevated through effective and consistent communications about the programs, projects and organizations that receive grant support. We offer the following guidelines to assist you in communicating your grant.

Our Name: To avoid confusion in the community, please refer to our organization as Caring for Denver Foundation. Please do not abbreviate our name as “C4D”, “CFD” or use “the” before our name. If it is necessary to use have multiple mentions of our name, please use Caring for Denver Foundation at the first mention and Caring for Denver thereafter.

Our Logo: Click here to download an approved copy of Caring for Denver Foundation’s logo or if you are unsure if you have the correct version of the logo, contact Kindle Morell (full contact info below). Please do not copy the logo from our website or other electronic communications you have received. Along with this, please find a separate document outlining the preferred uses of our logo.

Our Organizational Description: If your communication calls for a description of Caring for Denver, the following abbreviated description is approved for most situations. If this does not work for your communication, contact Kindle.

Caring for Denver Foundation was founded and funded with overwhelming voter support to address Denver’s mental health and substance misuse needs by growing community-informed solutions, dismantling stigma, and turning the community’s desire to help into action.

Publicity, Advertising and Promotion: If your organization intends to publicize its grant from Caring for Denver with a news release, a newsletter article, a brochure or any other form of printed or web-based communication, we’re happy to partner with you or provide input prior to release, publication or posting.

In our review of these materials, our intent is to ensure accuracy and consistency in the purpose of the grant and use of our name only, not to edit your work. We understand the need for a quick response and will work diligently in order to meet your deadlines.

Special Opportunities: Should your organization have other opportunities to communicate your programs or projects receiving Caring for Denver support, please reach out to Kindle. We’d be happy to partner with you through the development of efforts to raise awareness about your work.

Questions About Your Grant: If you have other questions related to your grant, please contact Grants and Operations Manager, Tish Gonzales at tish@caring4denver.org or 720.647.6375.

Caring for Denver Communications Contact: Director of Communications, Kindle Morell  kindle@caring4denver.org  720.647.7210