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Congratulations on receiving a grant from Caring for Denver Foundation! We are honored to collaborate with you and support your efforts serving our community. Your achievement is significant, and we encourage you to share your success.


    To support you in effectively communicating your grant, we have curated a toolkit with resources for sharing our partnership, including:


    Kindle Fahlenkamp-Morell, Director of Communications

    Kindle Morell, Communications Director, 720.647.7210

    Albani Berryhill, Communications Partner

    Albani Berryhill, Communications Partner, 720.647.6371

    Caring for Denver’s Logo and Description

    Our Name: We kindly ask you refer to our organization as Caring for Denver Foundation to ensure clarity within our community. Please refrain from using abbreviations such as “C4D” or “CFD,” and avoid adding “the” before our name. When mentioning us multiple times, use “Caring for Denver Foundation” initially and then “Caring for Denver” for every mention thereafter.

    Our Logo: Click here to download approved copies of Caring for Denver Foundation’s logos or if you are unsure if you have the correct version of the logo, contact Kindle Morell. Please do not copy the logo from our website or other electronic communications you have received. Along with this, please find a separate document outlining the preferred uses of our logo.

    Our Organizational Description: If your communication calls for a description of Caring for Denver, the following abbreviated description is approved for most situations. If this does not work for your communication, contact Kindle.

    Caring for Denver Foundation was founded and funded with overwhelming voter support to address Denver’s mental health and substance misuse needs by growing community-informed solutions, dismantling stigma, and turning the community’s desire to help into action.

    Publicity Guidelines

    Publicity, Advertising and Promotion: If your organization intends to publicize its grant from Caring for Denver with a news release, a newsletter article, a brochure or any other form of printed or web-based communication, we’re happy to partner with you or provide input prior to release, publication or posting.

    In our review of these materials, our intent is to ensure accuracy and consistency in the purpose of the grant and use of our name only, not to edit your work. We recognize the importance of timely responses and will work diligently in order to meet your deadlines.

    Please find a sample press release and e-newsletter blurb attached to aid you in your publication efforts.

    Social Media Templates

    Social Media: Here are links to social media templates available for showcasing your recently approved grant. In addition, here is sample post copy to give you inspiration for your caption. If your organization has social media accounts, please let Albani Berryhill know so that Caring for Denver can follow you. Don’t forget to tag @caring4denver to allow us to celebrate your accomplishment!

    Shared Photo Folder

    Caring for Denver Foundation is always on the lookout for captivating snapshots that showcase the incredible work you do. We love a grantee spotlight! Your efforts deserve to be celebrated and shared with our community. If you’d like your organization to be featured on our social media, simply upload photos here or email them to Albani.

    Important Note

    By sharing your photos, you’re granting consent for us to feature them on our social media platforms and publications, such as newsletters, annual reports, and learning briefs. Your visuals will help us tell the story of positive change in our community. When uploading, kindly label photos with your organization’s name, and if emailing, include your organization in the subject line. Let’s showcase the remarkable work you do!