#PowerTo Break Through

Theo Wilson, Poet & Activist

Local Denver poet and activist Theo E.J. Wilson found solace from mental health struggles in his youth though writing that became spoken word, and eventually, a speaking career. Today, his activism focuses on black lives and healing the community through dialogue in barber shops, called “barbershop talks,” now in its eighth year. His poem, “Alonzo” reflects on the life of his childhood friend, Alonzo Ashley.

We address Denver’s mental health and substance misuse needs by growing community-informed solutions, dismantling stigma, and turning the community’s desire to help into action.

Listen first. Act second.

From creatives to first responders and so many others, we engaged with the people of Denver to help identify and prioritize our funding areas.

Alternatives to Jail

Care Provision

Community-Centered Solutions


“This work will be transformational for tens of thousands of Denverites, their families, friends and youth who struggle every single day with untreated and undertreated mental health and substance misuse challenges. We have the #PowerTo help, and now we can take bold action.” 

– Leslie Herod, State Representative, Board Chair

#PowerTo make it — ALAN’S STORY

The power of poetry.

Alan uses the power of music and poetry to reflect on his life story.

Art Credit: Detour

Artifacts of a Storm

“I could have been one of those statistics. By the end of November, I ingested approximately 2,880 doses of Vicodin before attempting to take my own life through an intentional overdose…It is through the healing power of art-making and collective efforts of my community that I am still here today.”

A State of Flow | Darin V., Change Agent

“Choosing a life of sobriety has enabled me to be the son, brother, and man…I was always meant to be.”

“I have learned that we can and we should help our community.

Caring for Denver Foundation will make a difference for so many people and their families right here in Denver.”

– Gabrielle R.

Art Credit: Santiago Jaramillo

“When you are confronted personally with a mental health challenge in your family or yourself, you realize people cannot do this alone. We need to talk about people’s needs and ensure people can get the care they need. Mental health and substance misuse are everybody’s issues and impact all of us. There is no health without mental health.”

– Don Mares

New Youth funding opportunity! Applications due December 16 at 7:00 p.m. (MT).