Why it’s a priority

We support nonprofit community organizations and city agencies that provide resources to reduce crisis and increase youth’s ability to manage life stressors. We also seek to increase involvement by family and allies in ways that help youth address trauma, mental health, and substance misuse.

What we’ve accomplished together so far


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“Everybody works together to address the kids’ needs… It’s rarely just talk therapy because we’re meeting them where they are.”

– Project Pave

Group of 4 youth sitting in a podcast studio, smiling at the camera.

Grantee Spotlight: Youth on Record

Youth on Record (YOR) uses peer-to-peer podcasting, crisis intervention supports, and same-race/same-identity trusted adult mentors to provide youth with culturally responsive and trauma-informed programming for youth. As part of this work, staff members were given tools for creating a soothing environment for students, implementing self-regulatory strategies, utilizing a nonviolent framework, and responding appropriately to student needs around mental health.


of staff that work with youth reported being more confident in their ability to respond appropriately and supportively to mental health or substance use/misuse questions

In the forground, a youth holding a chicken. A youth in the background looking on.

Grantee Spotlight: Sun Valley Youth Center

The Sun Valley Youth Center provides after-school and summer programming to enhance youth’s coping skills, increase resiliency and optimize mental well-being. They continually include youth in the design of their programs to give them ownership and stronger long-term outcomes. Youth have developed such strong relationships with peers and staff that they have requested to have more time in the program.


of students report having a better ability to manage their emotions, which allows them to stay more regulated and focused at school, at home, and in the community

“If we can reach them in the moment they have the need and support them through whatever is happening, we can get them back into their academic setting rather than having them spiraling out and leaving for the rest of the day.”

– Girls Athletic Leadership Schools Denver

Sharing back what we’ve learned

We’re committed to learning both as a measure of progress and to guide our future actions. Learning briefs share back grantee progress and how grantees help us think about our work differently.

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From grant opportunities to community listening sessions to sharing your stories of impact, let’s find a way to collaborate.

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