COVID-19 Support Fund

Caring for Denver Foundation was created to quickly respond to emerging mental health needs and substance misuse issues in our communities. We are designed to react to the rapidly changing needs of our communities and to support them as they address the growing impacts of this current pandemic.

Though our physical offices are closed, we are working diligently to provide fast, general operating funding to support our communities by:

  1. Ensuring our funding reaches those most likely to be able to respond to mental health and substance misuse crises during this time
  2. Reinforcing the frontline resources of community-driven mental health and those working to address substance misuse so they may continue meeting the needs of the populations they serve.
  3. Supporting providers and organizations overwhelmed working on mental health and substance misuse during this time so they remain able to continue to support the ongoing needs of the community as this rapidly changing situation progresses.

To this end, Caring for Denver has designated a Colorado COVID-19 Support Fund including grants and staff support in three specific areas:

  1. An emergency childcare program for children of those providers in Denver supporting critically at-risk populations. Caring for Denver is dedicating resources toward efforts to help ensure those have the social supports they need to continue providing vital services to meet the demand for care and limit any barriers to care.
  2. Funding to support self-care including crisis intervention for support and access to behavioral health for those on the frontlines caring for the critically ill and homeless populations.
  3. Flexible and responsive funds to those providers working on mental health and substance misuse issues so they can continue to serve at-risk populations.

Continuing to monitor needs and align resources

In partnership with other foundations, agencies, and community organizations, Caring for Denver will continue to monitor needs and align resources for both the short-term and long-term. Mental health and substance use organizations are critical Denver safety-net providers in communities serving at-risk populations. This funding will seek to ensure the following organizations have the operational resources necessary to meet the community’s ongoing needs:

  • Asian Pacific Development Center
  • CHARG Resource Center
  • Colorado Health Network
  • Element of Discovery – Therapist of Color
  • Friends of the Haven
  • Khesed Wellness
  • Life-Line Colorado
  • Maria Droste Counseling Center
  • Mile High Behavioral Health
  • Servicios de la Raza
  • Sobriety House
  • The Center
  • The Center for Trauma & Resilience
  • The Empowerment Program
  • The Harm Reduction Center
  • The Rose Andom Center
  • Tribe Recovery Homes
  • YouthSeen

Self-care dollars for staff supporting critically at-risk homeless populations:

  • Catholic Charities
  • Colorado Coalition for the Homeless
  • Denver Rescue Mission
  • St. Francis Center
  • The Delores Project
  • The Gathering Place
  • The Salvation Army
  • Urban Peak
  • Volunteers of America

We want to ensure providers are equipped to meet the rapidly changing needs of the communities they’re serving during this crisis and these funds are designed to do just that. For more information, please see our press release, check our Facebook page, or email info@caring4denver.org to be added to our distribution list for future announcements.

Thank you for being part of our community. We’re honored to serve the City and County of Denver.

From all of us at Caring for Denver Foundation, be well –

Lorez Meinhold
Executive Director
Caring for Denver Foundation


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