Sun Valley Youth Center

Sun Valley Youth Center, a non-profit serving kids aged five to sixteen in Denver’s Sun Valley neighborhood, employs a trauma-informed, attachment-based caregiving model to foster success for our youth and families. The core pillars of their practices are connecting, empowering, and correcting.

Throughout the school year, the center offers after-school care featuring nutritious snacks, recreational games, home-cooked dinners, program options, homework help, online educational instruction, and free time for play and socialization. In the summer, doors are open all day, providing three full meals, exciting outings around Colorado, and plenty of movement. Sun Valley Youth Center is transforming the lives of at-risk youth and providing safe, engaging community spaces.

With support from Caring for Denver Foundation, Sun Valley Youth Center offers a range of services, including art, equine, and outdoor therapy; trauma-practicing care; adult stress reduction groups; a connection hotline; and instruction in healthy coping skills. These initiatives aim to enhance coping skills, increase resiliency, and optimize mental well-being for our youth.