September is National Recovery Month

Recovery is possible. And, it’s personal.

What works for one person may not work for another.

What gives one person strength may send another into a deeper spiral.

Every story of recovery is as unique as the person undertaking the journey. The what, the when, the how—even the where—will differ based on an individual’s needs.

This is why Caring for Denver Foundation is proud to support organizations in our city focused on recovery. These groups walk beside people on the journey. The care they provide is evidence-based, culturally supportive, and rooted in compassion.

During September, we will honor the real, personal stories of people in recovery from substance misuse and mental health.  We invite you to experience their raw, honest accounts. And we thank the individuals who volunteered to share.

Their stories are unique. Our common humanity is displayed in each telling—the loss, the fear, the heartache, the shame. What shines in each story is the love, the strength, the resilience, and the courage.

Plus, the incredible possibility.

We invite you to experience stories of recovery on TikTok at @caring4denver. It’s a new adventure for us, and we’re excited to connect with you on this platform. If you’re not on TikTok, you can see pieces of our stories on Instagram and Facebook!

Thank you, Colorado Artists in Recovery, Culinary Hospitality Outreach and Wellness, Sobriety House Inc., and 5280 High School for allowing us to share your stories.

Caring for Denver Foundation recognizes and honors the resilience and strength of all people on their personal journey to better health and wellness.

Recovery is possible.

By Carie Behounek