NONPROFIT REGISTER | $300,000 grant to help Warren Village advance its Wellness Initiative for Families

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by: Joanne Davidson

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Photo courtesy of Warren Village



News: A $300,000 grant from the Caring for Denver Foundation is enabling Warren Village to start a two-year project that will advance its Wellness Initiative for Resident Families. The initiative focuses on creating opportunities for, and addressing the needs of, vulnerable parents and their children by addressing four core areas of self-sufficiency: psychological, physical, social and financial well-being.

With the Caring for Denver Foundation grant, Warren Village will hire two mental health clinicians — one full-time and one part-time – who will offer additional on-site services to residents aged 26 and under.

A portion of the money will be used to enhance Warren Village’s existing mental health support and skills, such as the life skills classes available to young heads of household, and to support for Kids’ Club after-school enrichment and summer camp programs.

“Researchers have long agreed there is an established relationship between poverty and poor health outcomes, as well as higher rates of mental health complications for children,” said Warren Village president and chief executive officer, Ethan Hemming. “The Caring for Denver funds allow us to provide free, on-site services to our residents, dramatically increasing their access to mental health care and thereby significantly improving the family’s ability to reach its full potential.”

Lorez Meinhold, executive director of Caring for Denver, said Lorez (cq) Meinhold, added: “We are grateful to partner with Warren Village in this meaningful work to support parents and their children. This program (the Wellness Initiative) seeks to support and strengthen connections between caregivers and their children, which is one of the most powerful known predictors of lifelong mental health.”

About the organization(s): Warren Village is focused on helping low-income, single-parent families make the journey from poverty to self-sufficiency. It has served some 7,688 children and parents since its start in 1974. Through its Two-Generation (2Gen) approach, Warren Village transforms parents’ lives, improves children’s futures and strengthens the community by providing safe and affordable housing, parent services and advocacy, early education and child care.

The Caring for Denver Foundation was voter founded and funded to address Denver’s mental health and substance misuse needs by growing community-informed solutions, dismantling stigma, and turning the community’s desire to help into action.