Elevated Denver

In this episode, the last of the season, Elevated Denver digs into the housing and homelessness system, as well as the other systems that intersect homelessness. They also dive into the many factors that are contributing to our current homelessness crisis, highlighting a few of the stories you have heard through the season. Elevated Denver touches on the wage-cost of living disparity, the cliff effect, racial disparities, and the need for more responsive housing and supports. You will hear from Dr. Jamie Rife, the newly appointed head of the Office of Housing Stability (HOST), Britta Fisher, former head of HOST and current CEO of the Colorado Coalition for the Homeless, Denver Mayor Mike Johnston, and many others. They will talk about homelessness prevention and solutions steeped in collaboration and informed by the users of the system–those experiencing homelessness. It’s a jam-packed episode. Enjoy!

Juan Escobedo, Program Officer for Caring for Denver Foundation

This episode features Caring for Denver Foundation’s Program Officer, Juan Escobedo, who shares his thoughts about trauma and ensuring that services match individual needs. Listen here.