Denver hosts first information session regarding mental health funding tax

Fox Denver 31

Seth Juneac

Denver nonprofit organization hosted an information session Saturday to gauge the public on mental health and substance misuse issues in the community.

Caring4Denver is tasked with identifying how to prioritize the funds coming from the mental health funding tax approved by Denver voters in November 2018. The measure would put $0.25 from every $100 spent into a community fund. Saturday’s meeting is to help determine how the estimated $45 million should be spent.

“As we form our strategic priorities, it’s important for us to community input,” said Caring4Denver executive director Lorez Meinhold. “Really hoping to hear from people, both the top issues they see going on in the city and county of Denver that they’re experiencing, the challenges they might face, and to talk about where to start with this funding, where should we start to prioritize funding and having them help inform where we go with those resources.”

Go to caring4denver.org/events for dates, times, locations, and to register today.