Our Funding Areas

As the Foundation for Denver by Denver, we believe our communities are our greatest resource. We rely on that knowledge, those stories and experiences, and collaboration with communities to better understand how we should prioritize funding. We met with creatives, people with lived experience, first responders, youth, parents and so many others. We engaged with over 1,600 people from 120 organizations through four forums, three virtual events, small community meetings, and by phone.

Their input helped identify and prioritize four areas in which we can start supporting our communities; Alternatives to Jail, Community-Centered Solutions, Youth, and Care Provision.

To work more nimbly and efficiently, we intend to focus our first efforts on the area of Alternatives to Jail. See information related to the Alternatives to Jail funding area here.

As we continue our work, we plan to open one funding area at a time with the release of new Calls for Proposals. The tentative schedule for release of each Call for Proposal is as follows:

First Call for Proposals Release for Alternatives to Jail: April 2020
Second focus area Call for Proposals release: anticipated August 2020
Third focus area Call for Proposals release: anticipated December 2020
Fourth focus area Call for Proposals release: anticipated April 2021

The release dates for each call for proposal is subject to change. Additional Calls for Proposals for current focus areas will be determined by factors including application volume, need, and community input.

Check back for more information on future funding opportunities and Calls for Proposals. Follow us on Facebook for updates on future funding opportunities.

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