Lorez Meinhold – Executive Director

Lorez serves as the Executive Director of Caring for Denver Foundation. She  brings over nineteen years of implementation and policy experience as a director of multilateral initiatives involving the public, private and civic sectors, working at the local, state,  and national levels. Lorez has worked in many capacities integrating health  programs addressing mental health    and substance misuse needs,  connecting early childhood and health communities, delivery and payment  system reforms, and efforts that  required statewide stakeholder  engagement.

Akila Copeland – Program Officer

Gary Sanford – Director of Community                                         Engagement

Jacquie Esquibel – Program Officer

Jennifer Tippett – Program Advisor

Juan Escobedo – Program Officer

Leah Spielberg – Director of Grants

Marci Hladik – Director of Operations

Patrece Hairston Peetz – Community Engagement                                         Advisor

Rebecca Ochtera – Director of Evaluation                                            and Learning 

Taylor Roddy – Director of Marketing and                                     Communications

Tim Cortez – Program Officer