The Caring for Denver Foundation will distribute more than $35 million per year to fund mental health and addiction services for children and adults. Read the ballot language below or click below to read the entire ordinance:

Shall Denver sales and use taxes be increased by $45 million dollars annually, beginning January 1, 2019, and by whatever additional amounts are raised annually, from a one-quarter of one percent sales and use tax rate (25 cents on a $100-dollar purchase) to be used to fund: 
● Mental health services and treatment for children and adults;
● Suicide prevention programs;
● Opioid and substance abuse prevention, treatment and recovery programs;
● Facilities and programs, for those with mental health and substance abuse needs, including: housing, joint efforts of first-responders and mental health experts, and training for first-responders; to reduce homelessness, improve long-term recovery, and reduce the use of jails and emergency rooms,
provided that the new fund shall not supplant existing funding sources for mental health programs in Denver; that no more than 5% of the tax revenue in any year shall be spent on administrative expenses; that grants from the new fund shall be made through a non-profit entity whose board members are appointed by the mayor of Denver, the Denver district attorney, and the president of the Denver city council; that board members shall be appointed due to their positions as specified elected or appointed public officials or their experience or interest in specific categories of mental health services, substance abuse services, or the justice system; that the board shall be subject to specific accountability and transparency requirements; and requiring that revenues from these increased taxes shall be collected and spent without regard to any expenditure, revenue-raising, or other limitation contained within article x, section 20 of the Colorado constitution or any other law?